Journal Writing Prompts and Creative Writing Ideas

Journal Writing Prompts and Creative Writing Ideas

© Yelena Yemchuk

Looking for inspiration for your next journaling session or a writing prompt to get those words flowing for your next blog post or creative writing assignment? Then feel free to explore my extensive list of daily journal writing prompts, journal topics, creative writing prompts, ideas and exercises.

Simply choose a theme below that you’d like to focus on for the day, week or month and then pick an exercise to include in your own writing journal. Be sure to check back as we regularly add new exercises to the list.

Tip: Remember to not only answer the exercise or fill in the blank, but also think about characteristics, features, feelings, etc… associated with the topics and prompts. If necessary, act as if you’re having a live conversation with a trusted family member or friend and allow your mind to explore details, imagery, and feelings about the topic at hand.

As always don’t feel pressured to write any particular length in response to the daily exercises. Remember this is your journal. We’ve simply provided some creative writing prompts and topics to help jumpstart your own creativity.

You’ll find that most if not all of our writing prompts fit into what we call the four “S”s. That is…

  • Some are Serious
  • Some are Simple
  • Some are Spiritual
  • Some are just plain Silly

But no matter which one(s) you choose for the day, all are there to encourage personal reflection and growth, to make your writing tasks easier, or simply to help you have fun on paper!

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