How technology is affecting the mattress industry

With the advent of technology, many industries have changed for the better overnight. This includes the bed and mattress industry as well. Professionals and experts have consulted with doctors and chiropractors around the world to produce mattresses of high quality. With inventions being made almost every other day, who knows where the bed and mattress industry will stand in the near future.


History of mattresses

The biggest breakthrough came when memory foam mattresses were invented, revolutionising the industry. Using a highly dense and elastic foam, it bent and produced contours according to the body shape. It gives excellent comfort to the back and supports the body posture.

Mattresses have been in use since ancient times. Archaeologists have been said to find mattresses which go back seventy-seven thousand years. Back then, mattresses were made out of straws, reeds and bushes, etc. Today, mattresses are made from a variety of materials, all of which have their own particular use and function. An overwhelming number of options for mattresses are present today with customers choosing different foams suited to their needs.

Local and online shops

People mostly went to local shops and markets to look and decide on their choice of mattress. Today, there are many supermarket chains and shops which are dedicated to the bed and mattress industry. People can visit and try out the mattresses and check whether it is comfortable enough for their backs. With first hand look and feel of the ที่นอน 6 ฟุต, one can easily pick his or her choice. With almost everything being available in e commerce websites, mattresses have not been left behind. With a wide range of options and customisations available, one can easily buy a mattress and get it delivered on their doorsteps.



Thus, with great technological advancement, the bed and mattress industry has truly progressed a great deal with scope for improvement and benefiting the human health.

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