Car insurance Type 1: Catch some important information

Many times, people are unaware of type 1 insurance offered for cars and other vehicles. It is often considered as first-class car insurance. It is also known as “comprehensive” or “fully-comprehensive” type of car insurance. In this type of car insurance, the amount of coverage is above the amount which is dictated by the governing body.

car insurance type 1

What are the limits defined in a car insurance type 1?

In your comprehensive or fully-comprehensive insurance policy, there are certain limits defined in advance on the particular agreement. The limits will also cover all the unforeseen acts or events such as natural disasters (floods, earthquake, and others), theft, terrorist charge, and so on. Are you willing to drive with a peaceful mind on the roads? In such a case, this type 1 insurance policy will be extremely beneficial.

What is the possible coverage under ประกัน รถยนต์ ชั้น 1 ?

When availing such type of car insurance, one gets to enjoy a coverage plan for a number of things mentioned below:

1. Theft coverage: Many times, people are worried when any car gets stolen. Though, there is nothing to worry after availing a type 1 insurance for the car which compensates you the complete sum amount in cases of theft.

2. Personal accident coverage: When you met with an accident which doesn’t involve any other type of road vehicles, then you can easily cover the claim for personal accident. In case, you get hit with any pole or any scratch appears on the car.

car insurance type 1

3. Fire claim: In case, your car catches fire and damages badly. In type 1 insurance policy, you’ll get to claim the amount insured. Normally, one gets 50% coverage for fire causes.

4. Flood coverage: Flood is a natural disaster which might occur without giving any prior cautions. Generally, floods occur when there is a heavy rainfall season. If your car gets damaged in the flood, then you can avail the amount insured with this first-class insurance.

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