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Transporting goods and products to a different location is a very stressful task for people who are working all the time and don’t have enough time to focus on transportation. To help them translate the products to the desired location, there are many companies who offer the delivery service. One such company is Deliveree which is based in Thailand which provides บริษัท ขนส่ง สินค้า to the people. It operates from the heart of Bangkok and takes care of all the deliveries.

delivery service company

What do they offer?

Getting their services is very easy. All that needs to be done is to tell the destination where you want the products and goods to be delivered. If the location is within their range, they will provide you with some fixed prices to choose from. Many even wonder that if the location is far from the reach of the company, then the company will not do the delivery. But that is completely wrong. If the distance is more than the fixed price zone, then they will charge you by distance-based price. It means that the price will be determined based on the distance covered. The best thing about their delivery service is that it is completely affordable and almost anyone can enjoy their services easily.

delivery service company

How the delivery is done?

Another best thing that is fascinating about the company is that they have a various number of different types of vehicles to do the delivery. It completely depends on the size or quantity of the goods. The larger the size or quantity, the larger will be the vehicle. Some of the vehicles available are Eco car, Pickup Truck, Box Truck, and 6W Truck. The goods will be received in Bangkok from where it can be delivered to any part of the country without any problem. Currently, there are 19 destinations in Thailand to choose from.

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