Recommended Name for Orthopedic Surgery in Cincinnati Ohio

It is usual practice of people to know important details of a medical consultant before taking an appointment to consult on a certain medical condition. The consultants are usually categorized as those having an average repute and leading consultants having high level of specialization and experience in a specific area of medical treatment. Patients with critical or severe level of illness usually prefer to take consultation from a doctor of high repute. Few patients also consult them to take second opinion on the ailment. Everyone can’t afford the fee of reputed medical consultants, but it’s always a better choice to consult them.

Haleem N Chaudhary | Orthapedic Surgeon

Orthopedic surgeon Haleem N Chaudhary’s specialization and experience

If you are living in The Cincinnati area of Ohio in US, and looking for a reputed experienced orthopedic surgeon in that area, then you can search profile of Haleem N Chaudhary | Orthopedic Surgeon who is a highly specialized doctor with nearly two decades of experience in orthopedics. He has expertise is dealing mostly with adult age and geriatric age patients of over 65 years. His clinical focus is on orthopedic surgery, and expertise in innovative minimally invasive surgical procedures. Dr. Chaudhary specializes in primary hip and knee replacements, revisions of hip and knee replacements, unicondylar knee replacements, minimally invasive techniques, general orthopedics, and orthopedic trauma.

Dr. Chaudhary’s career profile

Dr. Chaudhary completed his medical education from University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Medical School in 2000; did internship with University of Toledo Medical Center in 2001; completed residency with University of Toledo Medical Center in 2005; and received fellowship of Anderson Orthopedic Research Institute in 2006. He also got certification of American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery in 2008.

Haleem N Chaudhary | Orthapedic Surgeon

Where to contact Dr. Chaudhary

You can search Dr. Chaudhary’s contact on online directory of orthopedic surgeons and also book an appointment with online. You can check his profile online, if you need, prior to fixing an appointment. He has affiliation with Bethesda North Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, TriHealth Evendale Hospital and Christ Hospital.

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