Everything you need to know about MRO

Maintenance, repair, and overhaul often referred to as MRO is a buzz word commonly used today in the aircraft maintenance activity.  Although there is a common perception that MRO companies are huge organizations and basically associated with the repair station authorizations from different aviation establishments and consultants.  In addition, they are also responsible for all major maintenance operation programs that are typically owned by airlines and leasing services.

Although you cannot deny this truth yet their services go far beyond that. For instance, Breeze eastern repair Corporation, an international designer of high performing lifting and pulling devices manufactures next-generation products. So, an MRO service doesn’t limit themselves with only determined services instead they should adopt the state of art technology of continuous improvement to keep pace with the growing competitive market. They should be the leaders in many of the major components.

Based on a multitude of analysis we have filtered top MRO companies like Breeze eastern repair Corporation which has a great reputation in the industry of years

  • AAR Corporation– They are an independent provider of service and products to the commercial and defense aviation worldwide. Began in 1950 as an entrepreneurial enterprise, they are providing equipment for the lately developing commercial aviation industry
  • Air France Industries-They rank number two in aircraft engineering and maintenance industry ensuring competitive support to air France. They maintain a fleet of about 200 companies across the world.
  • Boeing Company– It is the world largest aerospace and primary manufacturers of jetliners and security system. They design, manufacture and sell planes.  Boeing has a tradition in the aerospace industry and remains to be the leaders in aeronautical engineering with their greatest innovations.


MRO service providers are indispensable needs for aircraft safety and maintenance. Breeze eastern repair Corporation certified MRO apparently remains as the best providers worldwide.

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