Inverter Generator: A Superior Power Generating Device Than Generator

People usually fail to distinguish between inverter generators and generators. In an inverter generator, the engine is connected to an efficient alternator to produce alternate current which is different from a conventional generator. AC power is then converted to DC power with the help of a rectifier; the capacitators smooth it out further. A digital electronic alternator to invert it back to AC power. The inverters are usually smaller and far more expensive compared to conventional generators because inverters use high-level electronics. Even an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system is considered same like an inverter, but both are actually different. The power is directly sent to the output in an inverter, but same procedure is not followed in a UPS system. An inverter can give better power output compared to UPS system.

inverter generator

Inverter generator: A superior power generating device

It wouldn’t be appropriate to say which out of conventional generator, inverter generator, and UPS is better to use for power generation because each type of device is apt for specific applications and their use can’t be substituted. Inverter generators are hybrids of conventional generators and inverters, but inverters supersede sometimes over generators. Inverter generators gain superiority by operating on 3-phase power, but all residential power lines and power output of inverters is single phase. A solid-state rectifier in inverter generator transforms high frequency, three phase AC into DC current which is another factor that makes it superior.

Benefits of using inverter generator

The use of inverter generators has become common in modern time due to their benefits. There are three major benefits of this power generating device; efficiency, noiseless operation, and weight and space advantage. It is true that operational efficiency of inverter generators is better than conventional generators. Regular generators make lot of noise, but inverter generators have no or low noise operation. Inverter generators are also efficient in space saving and portability due to small size and low weight.

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